Getting Away from the Computer

 ... herramientas de Social Media. En Advanced Human TechnologiesWith the recent boom in technology today, there is a high level of temptation to sit in front of the computer all day and talk to people on MySpace. While this can be fun at times, it could turn into an addiction, which is something that you will want to avoid, whether you are a kid or a parent of a child. MySpace, despite its benefits with communicating with friends, can become addictive and can lead to many issues. First of all, it may be dangerous chatting with people that you cannot see, as they not be the people that they represent. Also, staying on a site like this all day can curtail your social life, and put you in a position where you are alienating your friends.

One of the best things that you can do to break your addition to this site is to join a club or a sports team. This will give you the ability to look forward to something else during the course of the week, and also make new friends that are real. Continue reading Getting Away from the Computer

I Am Living off My Computer

Social Media. Everybody uses it. And they recognize the social media ...When I first discovered social media, I thought I had found paradise. I have always been shy, so being in social situations in person were very awkward. I was one of the first users of Myspace, because I spent so much time on the computer. I felt more comfortable staying home instead of going outside into the real world. I activated my account and had a lot of fun designing my page to match my interests. Though I was shy, I still had some intense hobbies such as gaming, music, and painting.

Because so many others share those interests, it was not long before I had hundreds of new friends. I started to get really close to some of them, because I was able to let down all the social barriers that I have in public. I had confidence that eluded me otherwise, and I was pretty popular in this virtual world. I started to cancel real life things because I wanted to spend time with my online friends instead. Continue reading I Am Living off My Computer